裸筑更新建筑设计事务所(Roarc Renew)






裸筑更新建筑设计事务所(RoarchiRenew))获得了世界范围内的媒体关注,包括FRAME(荷兰),Domus ChinaAD安邸,ELLEDECO家居廊,Archidaily等众多世界知名杂志、线上媒体以及广播电视媒体的报道,并以『米域·有光』斩获2017AD100最具人气办公空间奖,而作为创始人的柏振琦被Domus China杂志评选为“2017青年100设计师之一。


Guide urban renewal with architectural thinking

In 2015,Robben Bai established RoarcRenew, an architectural atelier that specializes in urban space renovation. The atelier focuses on urban renewal, space reengineering, remodeling of old districts, with the aim to create a sustainable urban space, and respect forrevolutionary design and the history of architecture.Architects and consultants come from Shanghai,Hongkong, New York and Tel Aviv. Its current design projects include urban renewal, architectural design, interior design, product design and other categories in Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhangjiajie, Jakarta and other cities.


RoarchiRenew’s every design is an aesthetical manifestation of architecture. We try to preserve the unique form and field spirit of each project from the perspectives of themselves. Architecture is an art of squandering space, knowing this, RoarchiRenew’s designs are a balance of functions and forms, and we try to create awe-inspiring projects through spatial arrangement, shape and structure, and craftsmanship.


RoarcRenew has received worldwide mediarecognition, such asFRAME, Domus China, AD, ELLEDECO, Archdaily and so on. Its project Mixpace Mandela has been selected as winner of 2017 AD100, and it also won the Most Popular Office Interior Award. Robben BAI was nominated as one of the  Creative Talents 100+ by Domus China magazine.