Guide urban renewal with architectural thinking

Roarc Renew is an architectural atelier specializes in urban space renovation. The atelier focuses on urban renewal, space reengineering, remodeling of old districts, trying to create a sustainable urban space, while following the concept of revolutionary design and the history of architecture. Its members and consultants come from Shanghai, Israel and New York. The current design projects include urban renewal, architectural design, interior design, product design and other categories, distributed among Shanghai, Zhangjiajie, Jakarta and other cities.

Using working space and residential space as the starting point, the atelier intends to explore the possibilities of the lifestyles in the Internet Age, which falicitates co-working project as one of the major ways to carry out architectural practice. The composition of this new space consists of three parts: the architectural form, industrial furniture design and old building renovation. The three parts combination builds a kind of physical dialogue inside, whereby also lies the essence of the building reconstruction and urban space renovation.

In terms of project practice, the main case Mixpace has already been operational in the center of Shanghai. Led by the Internet thinking and architecture design, Mixpace tries to combine a number of companies to explore new urban space. At the time when real estate and the complex were in decline, it introduced a new concept of urban space which focuses on ‘office gathering’, that is, gathering business, lifestyles and entertainment together.

Each design and project of Roarc Renew respects and insists on the order of aesthetics in architecture and tries to preserve the unique sense of ritual and field spirit of each space from architecture itself. Our design focuses on the balance between function and form, and it is through the harmony of the spatial distribution, geometric form and field spirit we seek to create "a better glimpse of the order.”





      裸筑更新建筑事务所(Roarc Renew)是一家创立于2015年,专注于城市空间改造的建筑设计事务所。事务所对全球城市发展和建筑问题进行批判性研究和创新性设计。设计成员及顾问来自于上海,以色列及纽约。目前设计项目涵盖城市更新、建筑设计、室内设计及产品设计等多个类别,项目分布在上海、张家界、雅加达等地。